“Always, and Forever”

  For my last piece in this class, I have been experimenting more with digital photography and have decided that this was the route my final project was going to take.

  My common thread for all three of my projects was the overall basis on love. Each of my projects has been based on a different type of love and the topics that revolved within it. My first was two paintings representing “emotional space” within a romantic relationship (Space Project), my second was a handmade photo album with photos of a ceremonial betrothal ritual (Ritual Project) and my third and final project will be based on the topic of unconditional love and what it represents to me.

When someone says the words “unconditional love”, I think of two things- the love and connection a mother will always have to her child (and vice versa), and the love an animal shows to its owner. After contemplating for a while on which of these routes I wanted to take with my project, I decided upon the mother and child idea. Two years ago I started a series of pieces based on the love and bonds parents hold with their children, and I wanted to continue on with it with photography and other mediums, but I never got a chance to. This will be a loose continuation of my previous ideas with the knowledge and equipment I have now to complete it.

  My final project is called “Always, and Forever”, and will be a series of photos that take a look into a busy mothers life and all the different daily activities her and her child do together that strengthen their unbreakable bond. My photos will be a look into a day in the life of a mother and her young son, and I plan on having them shown in black and white.

  I plan on having between 4-8 prints, all displayed horizontally in a sequence, so the viewer can walk along and view them.

  Please let me know what you think!! Any feedback will be really appreciated, as I haven’t seen you guys in a while and haven’t gotten to speak to many of you about my ideas (I’ve been so sick with a sinus infection since last critique).

Thanks guys. 🙂   

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Sarah’s Progress Pictures


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Wooden Skies

I’ve been experimenting lately with a basic technique of transferring prints onto wood as a medium for exhibition. The technique involves a transparent or matte acrylic medium which can be used on inkjet/laser prints. The results are a kind of old and rustic look, creating an image that is both beautiful and flawed. Here are some tests (not the images I will be displaying in class):


Last winter I went on a trekking trip in Nepal and took a lot of landscape and nature photography, the diversity of terrain out there is really staggering compared to the plains of Manitoba which I am used to. For the final project I’ll be transferring a selected few nature photographs to wood, mostly pine, playing with and sometimes modifying the results, giving them a dreamy and etheric quality.

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The Fear Within

For my final project, I will be doing a video mixed with an installation. I was able to discuss this with my group and Steve the other day in class, unfortunately, I’ve been sick all week and wasn’t feeling up to staying in class and sharing it with the rest of you, so I’ll give you a brief description of what I’m doing, along with some photo’s of my work in progress.

Following the course of my two previous works, I will be focusing on people overcoming mental difficulties in their lives. For those of you who read my first proposal, you have anidea of what I’m trying to focus on, but since that post I’ve decided to broaden my view on this topic to other people, rather than just myself. I will be asking friends of mine to participate in a small, interview style video, in which they will be discussing various fears or doubts they have experienced about themselves during a turning point, or a change in their lives. Following this, they will be writing a word or sentence that incapsulates that fear/doubt onto plates of plaster which I will be making, and which will be suspended from the ceiling. The end of their segment will show them destroying the plaster, thereby preforming a physical challenge to their fears in a small therapeutic exercise.

I will be collecting the debris from each plaster cast, and combining them into a single installation piece of rubble, onto which I plan to project the video itself.

These are some photos from the shoot today. The Photo of the destroyed plaster ended up landing on its front, thereby concealing the word/sentence written on it, but that will all be revealed in the video.

Questions, comments?


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Sarah’s Progress Pictures




After. I’ll be cutting/bending the sheets of metal into wave like objects.

Image Image

The base of my sculpture. I will be painting it black. I’ll be welding black metal rods on the base to give the wave objects height. 


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Independent project proposal

Independent project proposal

Brenna Linton

For my independent project I would like to create a series of mugs that have red iron oxide designs on them. I am interested in continuing to explore the process of hand making pottery and how it can affect the way we choose to live our lives.

Handmade pottery is functional in nature and is meant to be used by individuals in their everyday lives. I am interested in ideas that counter to the mass market and globalization of products, and cheap labor that is used to make many objects we use on a day to day basis.  I believe that if we are using objects that are handmade and unique in their individual creation we are potentially a happier, more creative and sustainable society.

The most significant part of my project is that the objects portray a sense of uniqueness and individuality that relates back to me as an artist. Since the work is being made by my hands the work must hold aesthetic qualities that I believe represent my personality and my interests. Pottery is an art form and holds significance to the maker as well as the consumer. By putting design aspects that I believe are representational of myself as an artist I am communicating my aesthetic ideas to the person using my pottery. This also means that the mugs despite their functionality can be seen as art objects because of their artistic reference.

These ideas can be applied to multiple pieces of pottery but I chose mugs because they are part of every significant potter’s portfolio. They are one of the most produced pieces and continually are bought more than other forms. I also believe that because of a mugs simple shape, it can be altered and designed in many different ways while still retaining its functionality, and this makes them perfect as a representation of an individual.

The designs on my pieces will reference Japanese and Chinese ink painting. I am interested in ink painting because of the looseness of application, the permanence of the design, and the expressive yet subtle nature of the strokes. I have studied Japanese culture and language for 5 years and as a result there is an influence in my art from these sources. What originally was an interest in Japanese language stemmed from comic books and cuisine became a genuine interest in all forms of Asian art, particularly pottery for its close relationship to Asian culture and food. As a Canadian and a person who spent much of their childhood traveling across western Canada I have a personal connection to the changing landscape of my country. I have recently found ink painting to be a way to connect these ideas and express my appreciation for the natural landscape.

These pieces will be displayed on a table and will be passed around during critique so that everyone will be able to handle the mugs to get a sense of how they would feel when they would be used in a personal setting.





Tanaka, Ichimatsu, and Bruce Darling. Japanese Ink Painting. 1st. edition. New York: John Weatherhill Inc., 1972. Print.

Addiss, Stephen. The Art of Zen. New York: Henry N. Abrams Inc., 1989. Print.

Fujioka, Ryoichi. Tea Ceremony Utensils. First Edition. New York: John Weatherhill Inc., 1973. Print.

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Movie Poster (RE) Design

When looking at my first two projects, it is hard for me to find a common theme or thread. What I do notice is that i enjoy challenging myself in different styles and materials, thus my common thread throughout my work is exactly the opposite; a variety of art making techniques. I have done sculpture, I have created a piece done through drawing on cloth, so I believe a good final topic to branch out to would be design, not only because I am in graphic design, but because it will in a way complete and tie together the other two works. I have chosen for this project to design or re-design three posters of a selection of movies I enjoy and whose main feature I can most successfully bring out to the best of my ability through the use of design techniques (colour, layout, figure/ground, symmetry, area, etc.)

I plan to execute these posters using the style of minimalist design. I take most of my inspiration from Saul Bass, probably the most skilled graphic designer and poster designer to date. He was from New York and created title sequences and poster designs for what are still some of the top rated movies to this day. His style and technique will be a great influence on my work. 

Here is a link to some of his work and others poster designs:



One movie I have already chosen and began sketching ideas for is ‘127 Hours’ starring James Franco, the other two are still undecided. I plan to print these out at a fairly large scale as that is what movie poster are all about; getting the viewers attention and then holding their interest, although very little is able to be communicated about an entire movie through one poster, you can only say so much. I will hang them either directly beside one another in the hallway as a triptych or place them in various spots in the ArtLab. 


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