Project Three

My final project for this course will be a diptych of paintings that will explore the relationship between the self and the idea of ‘home’. I believe that there is a place where the self feels free and uncompromised, and that that place can be found in the environment. I am offering myself as subject by overlapping the image of self on to the landscape where I feel whole and the inverse of the landscape overlapping the image of self.
I have chosen the size of the paintings to be no larger than 2’, this is a nod to the timeline I must work within but also because I do not want this to be an imposing piece. This will be presented side by side as opposed my first project that were presented opposed to create tension. I want to lead the viewer to understand that where the portrait is painted over the landscape it is because the landscape will always be carried by the soul and when in the landscape the portrait has faded away because the individuality that we honor so greatly is secondary to having a place in the world.

My method will be difficult because I am planning on sewing into the canvas to create a line drawing that will create the base of the paintings. Another challenge will be the order of steps that I must take. I cannot build my canvas and then sew the images. I must prep the canvas and then stretch the already started canvas onto the wooden frame, I do not know what the end result may be. It may work, it may not.  


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