Project 3

Censoring is rasing

For this project I wanted to explore the topic of censorship. A censor is a person who guides others based on their own principles.

I realize it is a human who makes the decision to censor things from other humans. I wondered, who are these humans and why do they get to decide what we should not see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Censorship affects all of us but I wanted this project to focus on my personal experience with censorship. I wondered, when did censorship start affecting my life? Since I learned to communicate, my parents have told me what I can and cannot do. Thus the beginning of censorship in my life. My parents decided what I was going to be exposed to. I was raised by censorship based on their beliefs, values, interest and culture.

This project will incorporate images of myself as an adult and the censorship that was part of raising me. The project will be a printed project. I plan on including a written memory of a time in my life that I was censored. The text will be read through a cut out hand figure. The hand will represent the human or in my case parents who decided what was censored. The text will be hand written to help me express the personal aspect it has.


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One Response to Project 3

  1. bartyparty44 says:

    I really enjoyed the choice of text you put on these, they definitely connected personally with me. Great job!

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