Movie Poster (RE) Design #2

From the previous Mondays class i was able to figure out where i wanted to take this project. My group along with Stephen helped me to realize that my idea lacked a certain personal quality, i wanted to simply redesign existing movie posters in a “Saul Bass” minimalist style. My idea has grown into the designing of three minimalist posters where the “movie” is made up. I have created the title and the design of each poster. Each movie has a different theme but each pertaining to an aspect of my life, in particular my mental self. The themes are my fears, anxieties, and obsessions. One poster deals with my inability to say whats on my mind. I have a great idea or thought in my head but i fear the possible negative response from whoever i tell it to, so i keep to myself. I am a passive communicator. I chose the title “Disconnect” for this movie. I feel this is a successful title as it describes how my mind and voice become disconnected due to this anxiety.


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3 Responses to Movie Poster (RE) Design #2

  1. Rockin’!
    Now you are making Graphic Design that also functions as fine art. This poster communicates to me in a direct and personal way.

  2. ryanginter says:

    These were really great!

  3. This is perfect!! I also have that fear/ anxiety as well. I think this will speak to a lot of people!
    Awesome job Bart!! 🙂

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