“Always, and Forever”

  For my last piece in this class, I have been experimenting more with digital photography and have decided that this was the route my final project was going to take.

  My common thread for all three of my projects was the overall basis on love. Each of my projects has been based on a different type of love and the topics that revolved within it. My first was two paintings representing “emotional space” within a romantic relationship (Space Project), my second was a handmade photo album with photos of a ceremonial betrothal ritual (Ritual Project) and my third and final project will be based on the topic of unconditional love and what it represents to me.

When someone says the words “unconditional love”, I think of two things- the love and connection a mother will always have to her child (and vice versa), and the love an animal shows to its owner. After contemplating for a while on which of these routes I wanted to take with my project, I decided upon the mother and child idea. Two years ago I started a series of pieces based on the love and bonds parents hold with their children, and I wanted to continue on with it with photography and other mediums, but I never got a chance to. This will be a loose continuation of my previous ideas with the knowledge and equipment I have now to complete it.

  My final project is called “Always, and Forever”, and will be a series of photos that take a look into a busy mothers life and all the different daily activities her and her child do together that strengthen their unbreakable bond. My photos will be a look into a day in the life of a mother and her young son, and I plan on having them shown in black and white.

  I plan on having between 4-8 prints, all displayed horizontally in a sequence, so the viewer can walk along and view them.

  Please let me know what you think!! Any feedback will be really appreciated, as I haven’t seen you guys in a while and haven’t gotten to speak to many of you about my ideas (I’ve been so sick with a sinus infection since last critique).

Thanks guys. 🙂   

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2 Responses to “Always, and Forever”

  1. Are you a mother? I wonder if these will seem to be documentary or witnessed from the outside, rather than personal from having lived the experience. Obviously, we all are children of mothers and the mother-child bond is pretty universal except in the case of orphans, but our experience of it is as a child, before we are cognizant of the nature of the relationship.

  2. No, I am not a mother yet, but it has always been a goal of mine in life; to raise and care for a family of my own. It’s something very important to me. I’m hoping my photos will speak to everyone, whether they have children or not, and that it will show the bond a child has to their mother and vise versa.

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