Wooden Skies

I’ve been experimenting lately with a basic technique of transferring prints onto wood as a medium for exhibition. The technique involves a transparent or matte acrylic medium which can be used on inkjet/laser prints. The results are a kind of old and rustic look, creating an image that is both beautiful and flawed. Here are some tests (not the images I will be displaying in class):


Last winter I went on a trekking trip in Nepal and took a lot of landscape and nature photography, the diversity of terrain out there is really staggering compared to the plains of Manitoba which I am used to. For the final project I’ll be transferring a selected few nature photographs to wood, mostly pine, playing with and sometimes modifying the results, giving them a dreamy and etheric quality.


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2 Responses to Wooden Skies

  1. This is interesting. Are you using solvent to transfer a print from paper to wood?

  2. ryanginter says:

    I used a matte gel medium, works very well for most types of non-glossy prints.

    Here is a link to the technique if anyone wants to make their own:

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