The Fear Within

For my final project, I will be doing a video mixed with an installation. I was able to discuss this with my group and Steve the other day in class, unfortunately, I’ve been sick all week and wasn’t feeling up to staying in class and sharing it with the rest of you, so I’ll give you a brief description of what I’m doing, along with some photo’s of my work in progress.

Following the course of my two previous works, I will be focusing on people overcoming mental difficulties in their lives. For those of you who read my first proposal, you have anidea of what I’m trying to focus on, but since that post I’ve decided to broaden my view on this topic to other people, rather than just myself. I will be asking friends of mine to participate in a small, interview style video, in which they will be discussing various fears or doubts they have experienced about themselves during a turning point, or a change in their lives. Following this, they will be writing a word or sentence that incapsulates that fear/doubt onto plates of plaster which I will be making, and which will be suspended from the ceiling. The end of their segment will show them destroying the plaster, thereby preforming a physical challenge to their fears in a small therapeutic exercise.

I will be collecting the debris from each plaster cast, and combining them into a single installation piece of rubble, onto which I plan to project the video itself.

These are some photos from the shoot today. The Photo of the destroyed plaster ended up landing on its front, thereby concealing the word/sentence written on it, but that will all be revealed in the video.

Questions, comments?


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