Movie Poster (RE) Design

When looking at my first two projects, it is hard for me to find a common theme or thread. What I do notice is that i enjoy challenging myself in different styles and materials, thus my common thread throughout my work is exactly the opposite; a variety of art making techniques. I have done sculpture, I have created a piece done through drawing on cloth, so I believe a good final topic to branch out to would be design, not only because I am in graphic design, but because it will in a way complete and tie together the other two works. I have chosen for this project to design or re-design three posters of a selection of movies I enjoy and whose main feature I can most successfully bring out to the best of my ability through the use of design techniques (colour, layout, figure/ground, symmetry, area, etc.)

I plan to execute these posters using the style of minimalist design. I take most of my inspiration from Saul Bass, probably the most skilled graphic designer and poster designer to date. He was from New York and created title sequences and poster designs for what are still some of the top rated movies to this day. His style and technique will be a great influence on my work. 

Here is a link to some of his work and others poster designs:

One movie I have already chosen and began sketching ideas for is ‘127 Hours’ starring James Franco, the other two are still undecided. I plan to print these out at a fairly large scale as that is what movie poster are all about; getting the viewers attention and then holding their interest, although very little is able to be communicated about an entire movie through one poster, you can only say so much. I will hang them either directly beside one another in the hallway as a triptych or place them in various spots in the ArtLab. 


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3 Responses to Movie Poster (RE) Design

  1. Very cool.
    Instead of redesigning posters for existing movies, what if you make ‘movie posters’ in your minimalist style that communicates something important to you? The viewer approaches it expecting ‘another movie poster’ and you pull a fast one by inserting your personal content.
    If you could tell the world just one thing, what would it be?
    Be Nice.
    The World Is Trashed!
    We’re Doomed!
    It’s Gonna Be OK.
    I’m Scared.
    Is This All There Is?

  2. jalexanderson says:

    So where do you think would be the best spots for your movie posters to grab attention?

    • bartyparty44 says:

      I’ve thought quite a bit about where would be best to present these posters. I want the feel to be as theatre-like as possible so my top choice is to place them on the wall outside of the lecture hall in the artlab basement. My second choice is to hang them outside our classroom and to have the room act as a theatre

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