Daily Commute

For the final project I intend to document the landscapes and still life that I come across on my daily commute to school. I would like to challenge myself with landscapes and still life photography. My goal is to create a different perspective of the way we see our commutes. I wish to focus on the things we see outside of the car window or along a walk to school. I will attempt to provide a sense of peace within the urgency to get where we are going.  My final product will be larger prints to hang on the wall. I will be attempting some black and white images as well. I researched many landscape photographers some that stood out to me were Jay Wesler, Brian Kosoff, Lyle Gomes, and Nicholas Bell.







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5 Responses to Daily Commute

  1. Jeremiah Valle says:

    How are you planning on capturing the urgency in these photos? Are you taking a photo of while driving to school? I’m glad you are printing on a larger scale for your other photos I had always wished they were a little bigger.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Are you going to be photographing places that hold a special meaning to you on your commute, or focusing more on the formal elements of landscape photography?

  3. I think I’ll be focusing more on the formal aspect of landscape photography.

  4. So, when you say Landscape Photography, you mean photography of places outdoors, be that buildings, people on the street, etc, rather than the traditional landscape? What are the formal aspects of landscape photography? The potogs you link to are certainly doing traditional landscape, but I don’t think any of them are documenting a journey. (Maybe Nicholas Bell?)
    I think Jeremiah hads a good point in asking about urgency.

  5. jalexanderson says:

    When you say “a sense of peace within the urgency to get where we’re going” (i.e. life?), I envision the landscape speeding by in a blur – roads, prairie, houses etc. it all blends together in the rapid pace of modern life. The visual aspect of the blurring might be considered peaceful.

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