Final Assignment

For the final assignment I plan to use discharge and dye on denim. My inspiration originally began from the catalogue of 2013 RBC competition finalists.  I was intrigued by the process and the results of the piece by Rachelle Sawatsky. Her use of non traditional techniques, employing ink, fabric dye and bleach on demin allowed for some very unexpected results.  I was also attracted to the modernist style, the open space in the piece and also the bleeding of colors remind of the work of Helen Frankenthaler. Most of my inspiration comes from reading a variety of art magazines, Saatchi online also introduces me to a variety of artists as well.  I feel attracted to working abstractly , using variety of materials in a painterly way and to use my own intuition as a guide.  After much research (and a failed study with bleach alone) I’ve finally sourced materials and very excited to get started.  I plan to create work that feels open, minimal, and leaves the viewer asking questions.  For me is all about the process.
Hope this idea meets the criteria
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5 Responses to Final Assignment

  1. So you would be replacing canvas with denim? That’s interesting. Why not take that idea and go even further and use something different than Rachelle Sawatzky? If you already know the outcome of the medium then maybe choosing a different material that you don’t know what the end result will be might add something to your work you weren’t planning on.

  2. 4cameron says:

    That’s a really great idea! I really hadn’t thought of using much else, I do like the quality of denim as its very similar to canvas so if I were to test another fabric it would have to withstand the chemical process plus it would have to start off being quite dark so denim seemed to be a good choice. (perhaps a black denim?) The outcome would be quite different than Rachelle’s work, much like using a canvas it would depend on the artist.
    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. I agree that choosing different fabrics would create a more interesting and more exploratory project. How about picking a couple of different fabrics and different types of dye and liquid material to see how they each react to one another. I think creating a project where the final results are unexpected would create a stronger body of work.

  4. Good. Alayna make s a good point about materials.
    Question: When you say “using variety of materials in a painterly way,” what do you mean?

    • 4cameron says:

      What I mean by that is we are not painters anymore, we are artists that use paint. I’ll use my heroes in art as inspiration and influence, nothing is original anymore. This will be a new exploration of media for myself, I’ll learn and it might fail. Picasso said “I don’t look, I find” Last year some of my work referenced mid century modern architecture particularly the now destroyed James Richardson Airport, I might re visit this in my work not sure.

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