Project Proposal – Self-directed project

I was always interested in exploring how to mimic or represent water in my artworks through paintings and now I will be exploring that concept by making a large scale metal sculpture.  I want to achieve making a sculpture out of metal to represent body of water. I chose metal as a medium of choice because of the reflectiveness the material has when the metal is buffed and how you can manipulate the shape.  

The research that I have been doing is looking at pictures of bodies of water in books and media. Since I can remember throughout my studies in school, water was always the center of civilizations, water is an element that makes life thrive; however, water can also be destructive and powerful to take people’s lives like the typhoon that killed thousands in the Philippines last week.

I was able to learn how to work with metal in my Sculpture 1. I now have the knowledge of how to cut and weld metal. I will find out from either Chris (who works at the sculpture studio) or my sculpture professor Kyoon about where I can get metal sheets and the cost of it. I will be making my metal sculpture at the sculpture studio.

I am going to make the metal sculpture large in scale and long in length. Once I get my metal sheets I will outline them, cut the metal sheets, then buff the cut outs to have a reflective look to the metal pieces, and then bend it by physically bending them myself and also hammering. For transportation purposes I will have the pieces in separate sections. I will display the metal sculpture at the Art Lab for critique.

I had made a cardboard maquette of how it will look like. Cardboard and metal are obviously different so when I do make the metal sculpture it will have more bends and movement then flat. 

Image Image Image Image

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2 Responses to Project Proposal – Self-directed project

  1. I like the comparison of water and metal, both being reflective in a sense but only one is static. How long and wide will these sheets roughly be? Or is that determined on the price you haven’t figured out yet? Also how thick will the sheets be? If they are too thick then it might separate a little bit from representing water. I know nothing about welding, but I think a thinner metal would better represent the fluidity of water.

  2. Is there a way you can re-configure this so that it’s more fully three-dimensional? The maquette seems to be a relief rather than fully sculptural. Granted, I recognize the surface-y nature of the waves you are referencing. Maybe scale will help.
    Which body of water? A river? A frozen pond? an ocean? From which perspective? From way above, from the surface as if in a boat, from the surface as if swimming (or drowning?), from within?

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