For this final project I am going to take the risk of addressing a rather personal aspect of my life by trying to illustrate a disorder in individuals like myself. After reading Serge’s Metamorphosis entry, I decided that it was worthwhile to pursue my original idea. The majority of my research is technical: understanding lenticular images, 3D holographic images and the like – deciding which one is best adapted for what I want to convey.

I intend to make a solid cube, either 5”x5” or 8”x8”, with one lenticular – or holographic – image, a composite of two photos of different angles of my face on each of its 6 faces, so I’ll need to take a total of 12 photographs and pair them up. I haven’t yet decided on which dimension to use: the 5”x5” cube provides a realistic scale and is easily handled (and less expensive); the 8”x8” cube would be more impressive in size and detail…what do you guys think? The cube should have some heft to it, but not so much that it can’t be held…so either wood or metal should work, I think.
The cube is a metaphor for the prison of the mind people with my type of disorder live in. It’s a life-long struggle with extreme social anxiety.

Stay away - please don't go

The ideal display for my prisoncube is a clear, open space. A display block, with the cube on top, would be the only standing object in the room.

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8 Responses to AvPD³

  1. Is scale really important in your piece? If not, go with the 5″ x 5″.

  2. If it’s cheaper go with 5″x5″. Also I think this ties into your idea of being like a prison with it being smaller, it can make the work seem claustrophobic which could work with your concept.

  3. bartyparty44 says:

    I myself being a Rubiks cube fan and a fan of the number four, love square and cubes so I will no doubt love this piece. I am concerned with the putting together of the piece, how will you get the images on the cube, simply fastening with glue? And will it look “clean” in the end?

    • jalexanderson says:

      A few spots of hot glue, yes. The lenticular pictures are really stiff, there won’t be any damage done by the glue.

  4. Great idea. Go with the 5×5 cube. When I was a kid, it was really popular to display photos in these little plastic cubes. You’ve probably seen them. Most people had cameras that shot 126 film which had a square format. You’ll be referencing that to older viewers, so that can be a good thing. Like Bart says, clean edges are key.
    Question, how important is it for people to be able to handle it? I suppose if there is an image on the bottom, it’s key.

    • jalexanderson says:

      Thanks, Steve. All six sides have images, so I’m going to be displaying it on any one of the eight vertices, on a simple transparent plastic cylinder.

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