For my final project, I would like to explore personal transformation. The last project dealt with a personal problem in an attempt to bring it into a new light and think about it from a conceptual direction. For this one, I wanted to push the idea of overcoming fears but focus instead on the act of transforming oneself through personal growth in life.

I feel I am at a threshold in my own life at the moment. Everything is at a turning point, from my relationships, to my personal well being and health, to my choices for the future of my career and education. I would like to create a body of work that directly focuses on this period of my life.

I want to work with mixed mediums, which may involved a stop motion film I am planning on shooting in the next few days, combined with printed photography and possibly written text. I want to combine all three into one installation piece.

My vision of the final project is fairly clear, although my path to creating will be a challenge. I don’t want to share too much at the moment, but I will try to post some work in progress photographs by the end of this week. 

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2 Responses to Metamorphosis

  1. This sounds so interesting. I like how you are focusing on the more positive aspect of transformation and personal growth. I think it will be interesting that you are tying it into personal experiences you are going through.

    I’m excited to see what kind of installation you come up with!

  2. sarahmaycabrera says:

    I agree with Alyssa. Really looking forward in seeing the end result!

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