Beards, A Modern Artist’s Identity

For our final assignment I will be exploring the cultral trend of beards and why men have them. Just as each man differs from one another, so does their beards differ. A man’s beard can say a lot about the man underneath all that hair. Grooming and maintaining, or lack of, is a statement on its own and reflects their owner. I will be narrowing down on local modern artists, and how their low or high maintained beards represents them.

I will be taking photos of various male artists who have distinguishable facial hair. Then drawing from the photos only the hair on their heads and face of each male. I also want each to be even more individualistic, so I will get each artist to do a quick drawing based on what do they associate beards with. I will then take their drawings and mine and cut them out. Their drawing will fill in the negative space where  their skin, eyes, and mouth would be. 

I would then collage each image and chine colle them to pieces of wood. Wood reflects the ruggedness and natural aspects of a beard, and usually any artist with a beard loves the natural look of wood and has a favorite type. The type of wood is left up to each individual being another aspect of who they are.

They will be hung on the wall in a linear form. The size  of each  will be around the average size of a portrait photograph (8.5″ x 11″). With this final assignment I am wanting to go out on a fun and positive note and in honour of Movember. 🙂

-The Man Who Paints Men with Beards — Q&A with Aaron Smith
– Joseph O’Leary’s “Of Beards and Men”
-Sean Rowe
-Mumford and Sons
-Blitzen Trapper
-Old Crow Medicine Show

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7 Responses to Beards, A Modern Artist’s Identity

  1. jalexanderson says:

    A fresh look at beards! Very interesting, Jeremiah. Are you going to be touching on some stigmas associated with beards as well? This is sounding really, fun – looking forward to it

  2. Jeremiah Valle says:

    No all stigmas will be ignored, men with beards always have a pride or joy in their facial hair. The stigma comes from those who do not like beards and have their own, yet common, opinion that ie: “beards look dirty” . Though at the same time a viewers negative opinions of beards can never be abolished. What I am portraying are artists identities, their art and their beards, both reflecting preferences and personality.

  3. I la la la LOVE this idea Jeremiah!! As a fellow lover of beards and facial hair, I really enjoy how original this idea is. How many artists will you choose to make into these wood collage images? Are you going to include one for yourself?? (you’re a great artist and have the facial hair to match!)

    Ah, I’m so excited to see these. I also really enjoy your idea of putting them on a wood background.
    Happy Movember!! 🙂

  4. Yeah, this is good. What if you mix in ‘famous’ artists form the past, say Van Gogh, Leonardo, etc, or some modern artists like Chuck Close? Is there a way they have expressed something about their beards in their work?

  5. Oh, and look up George Ohr if you want to see an artist who is crazy about his beard.

  6. Jeremiah Valle says:

    I honestly had thought about including famous artists who have facial hair, for this project to start off with though I would only do the local artists. I can see myself easily doing the concept of morre famouos artists and their facial hair as identifiers. Possibly the same way as I am doing these portraits, drawing their facial hair and taking a cheap print of their work and incoorperating it.

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