Final thoughts

For the final I’ve been spending plenty of time experimenting using bleach on denim. I feel a constant shift to move painting beyond the canvas and to push myself creatively.  In the photos you’ll notice the samples display various degrees of bleaching and some experimenting with the use of color. This is a process that requires much research in the field of fabric painting and using bleach specifically is problematic. If I do find a successful process and go ahead with my idea, I see a modernist piece for the most part leached white with varying degrees of shading. It has finally dawned on me that I am a process artist, I love the challenge whatever the medium might be. This is quite a revelation for me as I’ve considered myself to be a painter when in actuality I think I’d describe myself more as a visual artist (maybe too broad) Here are some shots of a few experiments with bleach. It’s quite hard to tame, I’ll give it a few more attempts using a variety of techniques before I abandon and move on. image

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  1. Yea, I like this one.
    Process is great, especially within a craft context, though it has been pretty much frowned upon by the ‘fine art’ world as it’s not considered a concept. Since modernism especially, the aspects of art that appeal to the intellect and emotion have been placed above those that appeal to the physical. Does this have to do with a division between educated/professional/intellectual/wealthy and self-taught/vocational/intuitive/poor?

    How far can you push this as an exploration of the process of bleaching and of different materials? Does the method of presentation block or enhance our understanding of that exploration as a meaningful endeavour, versus our understanding of the works produced as Fine Art, trading specifically in the currency of semiotics?

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