Grace B. post #8

Following up on my last post; all of my ceramic pieces are in the kiln cooling as I write this, and I am as excited as a kid before Christmas morning to see what they will look like coming out.

I can’t wait to be at crit tomorrow and see what you all have created.

ive been milling over my final project and I am completely captivated by objects of use. as ive been using objects in my house and taking notice of the things I surround myself with I find a reoccurring trend of sorts. I have an almost overwhelming amount of hand crafted things in my possession that I do use on a daily basis; ceramic mugs, bowls, and plates, hand made quilts and sweaters, mittens and slippers. I have a lot of “specialised” objects as well, like hand bound sketchbooks, walking sticks, flower presses, toys, and fly fishing flies… just to name a few


light has been what I am most interested in for this project. I am inspired by and explored so many other objects in my life, but the lights in my home are one thing that I haven’t touched on yet.

for the independent project I intend to build a series of light shades out of the materials I have grown comfortable using. usable and functional as well as beautiful in their own ways. I want the pieces to command the light in the space, giving off different attitudes and sensations. my love and connection with materials of craft has lead me to experiment in many different ways, finding out just how far I can push them in the making process. continuing and expanding upon this experimentation is what I intend to do in this project. taking; ceramic, wood work, metal, textile, and organic matter, and manipulating them in a way that plays with the boundaries of conventional lighting materials. I want people to want to touch, feel, and experience emotions what they enter a room lite with these lights.

I haven’t looked at many lighting artists, but I do have many different lights in my house and looking at them I must say I am developing a few different shapes and styles that I love! can’t wait to share.

see you all in class

Gracie B.


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