Makeup Ritual


When I was doing some research about women and makeup I came across a blog called Modern Mechanix that had an interesting article called ‘“Beauty Micrometer” Analyzes Facial Flaws for Makeup” which dates back from January, 1935. What struck me the most about this article was the image of a caged like machine covering the whole head and face of a women to detect flaws. The man in the image was a famous beauty guru, Max Factor who invented the flaw detecting tool. The flaw detecting tool would help Factor put makeup on women where needed for example, if the tool detected that the women’s nose was too big Factor can make the nose appear smaller by applying makeup. After reading the article I feel that society right now strongly sees a certain image of how women should look like and women would go to great lengths to perfect that image, even if it means to go into surgery. (Photo credit: Modern Mechanix)

Applying makeup is a ritual I do mostly every day. Even when I go to the gym I would have no makeup up on however, I would apply a little colour on my lips to make it appear more pink. For me makeup makes me feel more confident in myself just because I know I look more presentable than my natural face. On my daily ritual the process of applying makeup varies depending on the event I am going to for example, a day time look I’d apply on foundation (which covers the whole face for an even colour), blush and bronzer (for my cheeks), neutral shades of eye shadow (so that my eyes appear a little bigger), mascara on the eyelashes (to make them longer and thicker), eyeliner, lipstick, and define my eyebrows by applying a dark powder. My daily ritual of applying makeup would be different from my special event ritual of applying makeup because I would want my face to be more glammed with applying fake eyelashes so that my eyes appear more bigger.

For my ritual project I propose to document my process of applying makeup and then taking it all off at the end of the day. I am going to document the process through photography and video. Photography and video are both mediums that I would like to explore more through my art practice. There will only be shots and short clips of myself applying makeup in my room at different angles. There will be 5 photographs taken of myself going through makeup ritual in the same style as the video. The video will be under 5 minutes long with footage of the variety of different makeup rituals on loop. I will present the photographs on the wall along with the video on my iPad for better viewing purposes.

I am just in a process of documenting my makeup ritual and will be posting up progress pictures.


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3 Responses to Makeup Ritual

  1. “For me makeup makes me feel more confident in myself just because I know I look more presentable than my natural face.” Sarah, you look beautiful either way, with or without makeup. 🙂

    I love your idea though and I really like that you are exploring different mediums that you wouldn’t normally work with. Will there be music with the video? If so, how did you go about choosing it?

  2. I love the research you found. It always becomes a great foundation for any project. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with

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