personal ritual #3 post #7

been working hard on thinking of an idea for my final project. so far, in my opinion, my connection to the utilitarian. the objects and acts of daily life.

do any of you have and other artists you think I could look to for inspiration?


here is a lil sneak peek of some the coffee brewing pots I have just pulled out of the bisque kiln.

here is a like to a video I loved watching, great tunes and an up beat brewing performance!

later gators

Gracie B.

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One Response to personal ritual #3 post #7

  1. I took both African and Chinese contemporary art class and there are very impressive stuff going on with utelizing traditional forms and techniques in contemporary ways.
    Magdelene odundo
    Search: african/nierian contemporary pottery
    Search: modern jingdezhen porcelain
    Also try searching for a pair of nigerian sisters and their mother (she ways consider the mother of contemporary african pottery) their vessels are very interesting!

    I tried search for more specific artists that we studied but I couldn’t find/ remember their names. Hope these help! 🙂

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