The Ritual of Time

My interest in ritual goes beyond the act of ritual, instead moving towards the ‘why’ of the action. In the self-directed project I started with trying to understand ritual, beginning with how I enact rituals in my everyday life. The strongest example I encountered is my action of creating a calendar of sticky-notes in order to mark the time until my partner received leave from the army to return home for a time. This started the thought of time, and how the human concept of time is an arbitrary abstract concept.  In the Amazon, the tribe Amondawa has no abstract concept of time.  They do not have a word for yesterday, tomorrow, they understand the movement through time, but have no word for year, month or hour. Understanding that our measurement of time is arbitrary, especially considering that our time-scale does not quite work (an actual solar day is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.06 seconds) and that we have to add leap years to keep our calendar correct.

I want to challenge the ritual of time. Why should I measure birthdays, anniversaries, hours, months, or days? Instead, I want to measure my relationship with my partner in seasons. A measurement that in our location is standard enough to understand that by the continual cycle time has passed.

I will express this in paintings of the seasons. They will be abstract, an expression and feeling of each specific season. Each painting will also have in it a image of an item or event that is specific and important to our relationship since that is what I am recording.

These will be presented on a wall in one line, going fall-winter-spring-summer and repeating until illustrating the length of time in it’s entirety. They will be 1 foot by 1 foot squares.   

Hello everyone, hope that the above makes sense! This will be my first foray into painting that isn’t completely representational so if anyone has suggestions of artists I can look at please let me know! 



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