Personal Ritual: Self Betterment

I will be creating my own personal ritual. Something I can look at on a daily basis in an attempt to glue certain thoughts and feelings into my mind. My inspiration or basis to this project is derived from basic meditation that people do such as waking up in the morning and thinking positively about their future. I am hoping to create somewhat of a prayer or common set of thoughts which will repeat every day. I hope to take some time out of each day to reflect and think about my life and to alter my state of mind into a more positive one where my actions reflect that of my new “positive” thoughts. This new ritual I will create is comparable to a “Full Moon Ritual” (, although a full moon ritual is much more objectified and emphasizes representations of objects as occurring life events. I truly believe in the “Power of Positive Thinking” ( and that we can access our minds and train them to think the way we want, thereby reflecting those thoughts through our actions. So many people wonder how successful people are the way they are. I saw this video a while back and it gave me so much respect for this man, this video changed my entire way of life and way of viewing things the way I do:

A quote from the video: “Your life will become better by making other’s lives better”

I will be creating a set of three posters, roughly 10″ x 12″, containing symbols, objects, shapes, colours, elements, and other symbolic things which I have associated with certain  intangible realities such as luck/good fortune, prosperity/welfare, and health/well being. I will be creating them using spray paint, pen and ink, pencil crayon, and possible watercolour or some other type of paint. I will be framing these and placing them in a central location in my house to ensure a constant viewing of the pieces, thus continuously reminding myself of my ritual. When exhibiting these pieces I will place them on the wall side by side such that each separate piece holds the same value, the frames will be elegant yet not take away from the works themselves.

I don’t have much visual reference to go by as I am creating these from my own imagination, I want them to be especially graphic and clean, with a calming symmetrical aspect. In terms of shapes in the poster I visualized something after which I realized was quite similar to Ryan Ginter’s “Calyx” painting. But not to worry, my final product will be quite different.






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