Project 2 proposal

My Daily Pattern

A ritual involves repetition of an action. For this project I decided to be inspired by my daily ritual or commonly known as my daily routine. Everyday is not the same but there are certain actions that I do everyday. Everyday I wake up to my alarm clock, I brush my teeth, I drive to school, I pay for parking.

Repetition creates patterns so for this project I want to incorporate my daily routine and turn it into a pattern. I will photograph the objects used in my daily routine and then manipulate them on the computer to create a pattern. The pattern will be presented in poster format. I am undecided about what kind of effects I would like to give the photographed objects. That will be determined during the process. The pattern will mimic the order that the objects are used in my daily routine.

 I want the pattern to be simple since the routine it is illustrating is simple. There are multiple kinds of patterns I could follow, mosaic type of pattern, a gift wrap kind of pattern or maybe something resembling a collage. I have not found any artist that is known for making patterns out of photographs in the way I plan on doing this project but I am keeping an eye out.

I did find some collage artist that I thought were interesting though

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