personal ritual post 1, Grace Boyd post #5

sorry it took so long for this post, been having some technical difficulties. so without further or do here it is ladies and gents.

For the current ritual project I propose to research and pursue one of my frequent personal rituals. Looking at my daily life I have chosen my personal ritual of making and drinking my morning coffee. My interest in coffee-making and drinking is a large part of my lifestyle. my family’s business is in coffee and it has seeped its way into my daily life. 

I intend to use my skills in ceramics to make a luxury utilitarian coffee brewing vessel and the necessary (to me) serving implements. Along with the ceramic wares I will be building a wooden box from some beautiful reclaimed maple I have stashed away to house my wares in.

I want to make the vessel and use it to feel a further connection to my ritual. Just as my fist project with the theme space was to interact with the space around myself, this project will have the purpose of connecting me to one of my personal rituals. a direct bond to the objects and the presses of making my ritual recognised.

here is a video of my primary coffee brewing method in the morning. Coffee Ritual #1

see you all soon


Grace B.

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2 Responses to personal ritual post 1, Grace Boyd post #5

  1. I am really excited to see the end results and fact that you plan on making coffee with it is phenomenal. Are you planning on serving coffee as part of the ritual ?

  2. GBoyd says:

    as stated before this is a personal ritual and the act of coffee service isn’t a personal ritual and not a part of my piece. the act of serving and invitation has very little to do with what my concept. so to answer your question, no noone is getting served coffee as part of my ritual

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