Project Proposal: Reflection Ritual

For my second project I am exploring the ritual of how people constantly look at their reflection where it would be from a mirror, a glass window, a phone screen, etc. I feel that looking at your reflection is a way to know how you look like for the whole world to see you as. I feel that image is important and image can tell people part of who you are. My concept came from an idea that sparked when I was on my way to school one morning and I was looking at the Summerland apartment building. I had found the window structure in the middle of the building very interesting. The square shapes of the windows reminded me of a mosaic which lead me to an idea of how interesting it would be if I made an art piece that was made up of mosaic mirrors. Then I thought about how often people look at their reflection where it would be from a mirror or a glass window.

The artist that influenced me through my process with my idea is a conceptual artist, Dan Graham. Three years ago when I went on the first year field trip to Minneapolis I went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center and I was intrigued by his Two-Way Mirror Punched Steel Hedge Labyrinth sculpture. It is a maze that had large reflective sheets for people to look at and also see through it. I really liked the way Graham successfully designed his sculpture. It made me want to look around it for a long time.


(Photo credit: Myself)

I plan to make an interactive installation where there would be many objects that are reflective such as a large glass window, plexi glass, mirrors, etc. The reflective objects will vary in size, depending on what I can find at thrift stores, and/or objects that are given to me for free. I want to set the reflective objects all over a studio to a point where people can’t help but look at themselves. There will be some reflective objects hanging in the middle of the room where people can go through it. It will be set up in a circular shape so it would be natural for people to just walk around the art installation.

photo 1








(Rough sketch of my idea)


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. (n.d.). In Walker Art. Retrieved October 10, 2013, from

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2 Responses to Project Proposal: Reflection Ritual

  1. GBoyd says:

    i am deffinetly one to admit my fassination with my reflection… as well as the reflections around me.
    a deffinition of reflection-1.The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

    just some food for thought.

    Grace B.

  2. Good stuff here, Sarah. Some questions:
    Where do you propose to install this? For how long? How big?
    How do you propose to gauge the Ritual aspect of this? How do you communicate this to your audience? Is there a way to include yourself in this in such a way that your experience within it (perhaps living with it in your studio or some other personal space for a period of time..) is part of, or is wholly the artwork itself? For example, what if you went inside every day for a certain amount of time and drew self-portraits or photos based on your experience there and what you could see of yourself? Then you would become part of a certain ritual that you are trying to explore.
    I think if it’s simply installed somewhere for others to experience for some small period of time, it will be incumbent on you to really explain how this works within or addresses your thoughts on the ritual of looking at your reflection.

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