3 Square Meals a Day

In Canada, we eat three meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There can be many exceptions to this ritual, including when we eat or how often we eat, and depending on where you are from. But it is generally known that you will eat in the morning, afternoon or evening. Personally I believe this is a ritual. We may not be aware of this ritual but we do eat everyday. The necessity of eating to survive, or else we would starve makes this even more of a ritual. Everyday, to eat these meals we need food. Where do we get food to make these meals? Often, in a pantry or a fridge. We continuously open up the fridge door or freezer to find what we need. Every time we open the fridge and close it, we change it. The contents of the fridge are constantly moving and changing. It is a ritual to eat meals but there is no consistency besides grabbing ingredients from the fridge, or whatever it is we store food in. I am going to document the constant changes within my refrigerator. Each day I will take a photo of the inside to see how the colors, shapes, and items change position. By taking a photo of the fridge each day I will be in a way creating a ritual of my own. My final product will be digital prints, which I will be hanging on a wall. I hope to do 11×16 portraits. Part of my inspiration was Thaddeus Holownia’s Jolicure Pond project. Over a span of 4 years he took numerous photos of the pond behind his home. These photos really portray the changes in color and landscape. I was also looking at Dean Baldwin. He attempted to take pictures of everything he ate throughout one year. All the photos are similar but very different seeing as it’s different meals and food. He is also documenting the ritual of eating.




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4 Responses to 3 Square Meals a Day

  1. Sounds interesting. I wonder if there’s a way to use the fridge light to automatically trigger the camera, shooting a picture each time the fridge is opened?
    I like the Dean Baldwin project. Where have I seen Thaddeus Holownia before? Did you show me?

  2. I will think about that. Yes, I did show you.

  3. How are you going to consider the framing? Are the angles going to change, or just a straight on shot in the identical spot. Also, for presenting, would they all be separate images? Or perhaps a composite image made up of fragments of your photographs?

  4. I’m attempting to do the same shot every time. I’m planning separate images so we can see the changes.

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