Ritual: Prayer References

I previously stated how I wanted individual sheets of paper siginify an individual prayer then presented linear on the wall. Now that I reflect on oter artists that I know They have something similar presented in diferent ways. One  of which is my old elementary teacher Mike Bazil,where he records the month date and year for each day he has been alive and he does this in a repetitiveness of one date right after the other on full sheets of paper and presented side by side. the other artist is Xu Bing and his Book From the Sky. I was also thinking of presenting it like how he presents his work, but instead having the paper flow down from the ground as if the words are ascending to the heavens. So I would want to combine the side by side repetativeness and present it flowing down from the sky.

Let me know what you think please andd thank you! 
I could not find a link or picture of Mike Bazils work but here is Xu bing.Image

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3 Responses to Ritual: Prayer References

  1. I really like your concept and where your research is leading you to. I wonder if you can also combine your text with sound maybe have yourself record your prayer. I can vision your text spread across a room (like one of those meeting rooms) and as one reads your text they would also hear your prayer. I feel if you played with ones senses it will be very successful. Just a suggestion though.

  2. Jeremiah Valle says:

    I REally like the recording Idea! thanks the sound of me reciting the prayer can help people meditate on the words as it is read to them. but do you feel presenting them on the wall beside each other is more affective than a long unraveled scroll like paper hanging down from the ceiling?

    • I feel like using the unraveled scroll is a really good idea but maybe not for this particular project. I feel that the idea of a scroll hanging might read as something else and it might confuse some viewers. They might wonder “how am I suppose to read this if the sentence is above my head” I don’t know haha I’m just making up what might happen. I feel for you art piece you want to portray something that is obviously very powerful and presenting the text on the wall beside each other will strengthen you idea. It reminds me of when I see a poster of a prayer at a roman catholic church and when I read it I get a sense of something very spiritual around me. So yeah, I hope that helps you out.

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