Beginning Glitches

So I have started taking photos with my camera and I seem to be running into a possible problem. My camera is choosy on when it wants to actually trip the shutter so I don’t know if that will mean that I will have to take it in to get fixed, yet again. If this does happen I do have some film that I have used but not developed yet from this past summer (an antique car show, a wedding shower and some candids). So I would incorporate those photos in with the one and a half rolls that I have taken already. So my question for you now is, if I use photos from the past, will this at all change my concept?

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2 Responses to Beginning Glitches

  1. I think so. Not that one can’t look through whole slew of past photos and find a conceptual thread, finding a _particular_ thread can be a stretch. The idea with these projects is to come up with a conceptual basis to work within, and then work toward that goal. If you show photos you took in the past, it’s more like recycling or settling for whatever you have sitting around.
    If you are having camera problems, borrow one right away. I bet the school of art has film camera for you to use. Barring that, I have two 35mm SLR’s you could borrow.

  2. Okay yeah that makes sense. I’m going to try to use my camera today and if it doesn’t work then I will go from there. Thanks!

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