Ritual: Prayer

The biggest ritual in my  life has occurred since I was a child. Growing up in an Evangelical Family, prayer is highly ritualistic. Before going to bed, we would pray at our bedsides. We never recited the Lord’s Prayer, we always modernized it by breaking it down into the three topics that you go over in the original. Praise the Lord for all your blessings, repent your sins, and pray for concerns in your life. The prayers would differ day to day but always follow the same outline

My project of ritual will consist of these three steps (reworded probably) silk screened on paper and presenting them running the length of the walls of an entire room. There will be 3 phases in which the prints will differ in. The rest of the information I want to keep confidential until I present my work.

Good luck everyone

Jeremiah Valle

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5 Responses to Ritual: Prayer

  1. ryanginter says:

    I’m looking forward to this one, this is a ritual that played a big part in my upbringing as well.
    Your process reminds me a bit of Tibetan prayer flags.

  2. When you’re describing your idea of paper running the length of the walls I am interpreting the paper as one long scroll. Can you go into the details of the form a little further or is that part of the project you want to keep confidential?

  3. Jeremiah Valle says:

    No I can share this, I want individual sheets for each prayer. A scroll would give the sense of a continual read. Individual sheets you read stop go on to the next one, this represents a different prayer for a different night.

  4. Does silkscreening the prayers formalize them in a way that is contrary to the contemporary (personalized) rewording of the Lord’s Prayer? What if the prayers were hand lettered each time, would that make them more personal rather than handed down?

  5. Jeremiah Valle says:

    I see what you are saying and i agree, i think i will hand write the personal sections (first and third) and silk screen the third which reflects on the mechanical non personal section.

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