Ritual of looking at your reflection

Hey everyone!

This is not my formal project proposal yet, however, I was trying to think about a ritual for a long time on my own and I finally came up with something that I am excited about. As I was on my way to school one morning I was looking at the Summerland apartment building and I found the window structure in the middle of the building very interesting. The square shapes of the windows reminded me of a mosaic which lead me to the idea of how interesting would it be if I made an art piece that was a mosaic of mirrors. Then I thought about how often people look at themselves in the mirror or at any reflection where it would be a glass window on a building or bus stop, wherever. So, I am going to do a project that it based on the ritual of people constantly looking at their reflection. I would like to work with mirrors and I would like to cut them in different large shapes.. Anyone know where I can get a lot of mirrors? Where I can cut mirrors?


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2 Responses to Ritual of looking at your reflection

  1. Thrift stores!!! That’s always the best place to start. Neat idea by the way. Looking forward to reading the real proposal.

  2. Yes, thrift stores! You can get a glass cutter wheel at craft stores, I bet. Google ‘how to cut glass’ and you’ll be on your way.
    I’ve seen figurative art that is completely covered with mirror fragments. I wonder about a figure made up of larger mirror sections….
    Better google art with mirrors…

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