For the ritual project, I would like to focus on obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the small every day actions that people who deal with it do.  The degree of actions vary a lot between people from small things such as avoiding cracks in a sidewalk when walking, to more serious and extreme examples. Since I was a child, I found myself doing various small rituals in my every day life, without any particular reason and point and its something that has been at times very frustrating and mentally draining. It was something that was hard for me when I was younger, especially due to the stigma of the subject and not being able to talk to anyone about it out of embarrassment, fear or otherwise.  As I grew older, I was able to leave some of that behind, however I still find it occurs from time to time in certain situations and is a contributing factor to my anxiety. I want to research this topic thoroughly both through written word and one on one interviews with people in my life that have at one point or another gone through these rituals or have known someone who has.

My work process will include interviews, research, photography, and more than likely a final video. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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One Response to Obsessions

  1. Sounds like a good starting point. Try to articulate what, in specific, you want to address about OCD-related ritual. That you have had it? That others have it? That it’s a struggle? That there’s a stigma attached to mental illness? This is the hardest part about making art concerning personal maladies. As critic Robert Hughes pointed out: The first job of Art That Heals is to announce that its maker is ill.

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