Spaces Forgotten… or Rarely Noticed #3

Apologies for being a ghost for a while, been super busy with work and school. Anyways, I had a plan and bought materials and everything, then went to the Sculpture/Ceramics building and had a little talk with Chris. He persuaded me to change my way of going about things. I’ve since then been working hard on my project build. Due to the change of plans I had to ask to present the next Monday as I want my project to be as complete as possible.

My progress is going well, tomorrow I’m going to be sanding and building the tip and base of the pencil. The paint store is having a sale on Saturday so I’ll be spending all day Saturday and Sunday painting. I’ve also though about doing  small performance with this but haven’t quite decided what I might do.

Here are a couple photos of what’s going on:




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2 Responses to Spaces Forgotten… or Rarely Noticed #3

  1. keegansteele says:

    Hey Bart, my friend and I are starting up a collaborative zine, and I was wondering if you would be willing to let us use your giant pencil in a shoot for our author photo? We’d use it for our Facebook page and maybe even for the back of the first issue next to our bios (you would, of course, be credited). We’d only need it for a short time, would treat it with the utmost care and you could be there to supervise if you wanted! Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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