Teresa: Progress update

Hi all, 

As I have been working on my egg project I have come to realize two major things ( I realized this a while ago) 
1) I have no understanding of mold making other than what I’ve learned by watching other people. Which as we all know, is nothing close to actually knowing what to do. 

2) I don’t have the time to learn how to do this. 

So, I figured this out probably last tuesday, after I had bought my silicon mold material and sat down to really hash out the details. Image

These are the now abandoned eggs, they are still quite nice and I’m going to keep them safe because I do want to revisit this project again. 

Of course I have to have a new project! I’m doing two large 3×4′ canvas’. The concept is still in formation, I know that I want to look at how people react differently to their natural surroundings. This stemmed from noticing how my cousins who are from BC always felt uncomfortable on the prairies when they come to visit and my own reactions to how I felt when I was in Pentiction for a training camp. It felt somehow wrong to look around and not see sky, but to be hemmed in around by land. So the two paintings that I will be doing will be a painting of the prairie and one of the mountains. 

I’ll update with a actual proposal for the new piece probably tomorrow. I’ve been very sick this weekend so even stretching the canvas required rest times! 

An additional comment is that I am wondering how much I should spoonfeed to the audience i.e. should I make the mountains feel threatening and the flat land welcoming or should I leave it more ambiguous and focus on illustrating the difference? I do want to focus on allowing the viewer to reflect on what one they are more comfortable with.

Brainwave! Maybe have them on opposing walls instead of side by side so that the viewer would have to make a choice as to what piece they would like to see!


That’s all I have for right now, I feel like it’s time for another nap. See you all tomorrow!  

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