Diving In

These are some photos from the latest video shoot that I went on. I was going to post a small segment of the video, however I’ve been having some technical difficulties with some of my editing programs. These still images can give you a small visual reference to the direction that my video is heading, without giving too much away. The video in the end will become something completely of its own.

As you already know, my project is dealing with our brains ability to create vast and rich spaces with the help of sounds and visuals. The main part of the project rests on the vocal recordings I have collected, and the way that it will be presented. The video itself was originally meant to merely compliment the voices and visually play off the narrative. I am not a master editor by any means, and this is my the second short film I have ever created. I find my video projects progress down a path which I cannot expect or plan, weaving and morphing with a mind of their own. After multiple film shoots and hours of editing, it is finally starting to figure itself out. The video visually will be very dark, and attempt to create a desolate psychological space in the mind of the protagonist. The sparse light will be a very important aspect, both visually and metaphorically. The figure itself will be lost in the void surrounding it, and hardly appear visible. I feel this visual would push against the vocal narrative instead of complimenting it, and create a tense environment which will challenge the viewers to explore their own mental space.

I am in the process of figuring out a space in which to present, which I feel will be very important for creating an aura for people to immerse themselves in the presentation. I will keep you all posted on that progress. ImageImageImage

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