Project 1 Proposal negative space

For this project dealing with space, I have decided that I would like to incorporate the use of space in a design.  My interest in graphic design has encouraged me to research logo designs using negative space to create an image. I looked up many images of modern logos using this design method. By studying the designs I learned that although the designs look simple and clean there is a lot of thought that went into the composition and scale of the images. I realize that creating a simple image is sometimes not that simple.

 Now the question was what to illustrate and does it have a message? I struggled to find some sort of story or message that I wanted to illustrate. And I finally decided to incorporate commonly used sayings or expressions.  After searching many of these sayings and expressions I decided to get creative and create a story out of them.  I chose those that appealed to me and put them in an order that would tell a story. A story about someone who makes a decision to leave a place (space) to find a place that will bring them happiness. This process took a while to figure out. And then lots of thought went into how to I was going to illustrate these sayings using negative space.

Here are some websites that helped me with choosing sayings and finding some inspiration for the illustrations.

A negative space odyssey

I plan to create a few illustrations accompanied by the sayings on illustrator. I will be doing some quick sketches of my images first and then using the computer program to help me give the illustrations a crisp and clean design. It will be presented as a series of posters printed and then they will hang on the wall in a specific order almost in the style of a story board.  The use of negative space incorporated in a design is interesting to look at and gives the illustrations more weight. The composition of the illustration will be very important because the negative space needs to be used wisely. Base on the complexity of the images chosen I will have to decide how much the illustrations will be simplified. The text accompanying the illustrations will have to be written in a font that will suit the images and look good as a series.  The text is not too long and I will add text to the sayings to create my story.

I enjoy sketching up my ideas but most of my effort will be put in the illustrating done in illustrator. I will most likely be learning about new ways to use the tools in illustrator. There will be some trial and error and maybe a few online tutorials to be watched in order to complete this project. I am fond of the crispness illustrations can get from this program and so I plan to showcase that with this project. Also I have not decided about the colors that are to be used for the series as of now I am thinking black and white only but I might change my mind during the process. I would like my images to have a playfulness to them so adding color might be the detail that will help me achieve that.


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