Sorry! I’ve Had trouble! Project Proposal

For the self-directed project on the topic of ‘Space”, my direction revolves around the physicality of using a public space. I want to challenge the public’s use of the space, mainly the walkway that accesses ARTLab and the Asper School of Business (Drake) from the bus terminal.


The shape of my project takes reference from eggs. The shape of an egg has always intrigued me; they balance a delicate line between strength and fragility. My project would be composed of a series of eggs made of ice in 3 sizes. The choice of an egg shape is informed by the above mention of that line between strength and fragility, the always present idea of creation of life and the very human reaction of not wanting to break eggs. In this iteration of the egg shape, the aversion to not breaking eggs is important. With the material being made of ice and being out in the public space, I want people to feel that aversion. That aversion will create two things, the elongated life of the object as people wont want to come in contact with them and that aversion will create paths, effectively controlling the movement of people through a space that is usually free. The clarity of ice references glass, which also creates an aversion by forging the connection of glass to fragility. 


Another reason for the choice of ice is how the material evolves. The melting process is interesting to me. I am wanting to control peoples movement through space by placing ‘nests’ of eggs as a deterrent to movement, but as the ice melts the walkway will become covered in puddles, which are far less of a deterrent, and then there will be nothing at all. This changing environment is something that I am excited to see and experience. It is one thing to have a installation that is solid and immutable and then to see one that changes as you watch. Ice will also give a beautiful surface that will sheen as it melts, giving beauty to disappearance.  


Ice: therefore is the best choice for this project. It combines the visual elements that I want, those of fragility, clarity and the sheen. The melting is, of course, a major part of the changing space.


My process for making my ice eggs will start off with making clay mock-ups. The main goal of these is to figure out shapes and see how large I really would like to make them. In preliminary sketches the goal was to have them around 6 inches tall, and them the two underneath them being around 4 and 2 inches tall. Those have not been tested or made at this time so they are very likely to change. I believe that the three sizes will give me enough definition and freedom to play around with composition as well as give the piece an organic feeling.


The method I am using to create the ice will be silicon molds, hand-poured into a two-piece mold. I am researching doing a home made mold using silicon caulking but also looking into commercial mold making materials. Silicon is commonly used as a food safe material and in ice making so I know that the material will be able to handle the amount of use I will be putting it through in the next few weeks.


This project is a third iteration of an idea that started in my first year in School of Art. I have always focused on material and have been influenced by Tara Donovan and her continual adaptation of every day materials. In my work, I have worked with tacks and beeswax and am excited to work with a new material. 


I just figured this out now, computer savvy I am not! 


Teresa Wells 

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