nomadic space- Grace Boyd post #3

i have spent our time appart looking at my project from a different point of view. when we last talked in class my idea seemed to get missread as a nomadic life style choice, instead of just the inspiration. i have changed my structure and gone with the more familiar form of a tent. my building materials are still simple and minimal, the things i bring thith me will also be simple and only the things i need.

materials; wood (found and new), mettal tude (found), treated canvice.

things i wish to take with me; shelter (tent), water (jug), food, bedding (roll and sleeping bag), kitchen box (2 pots, cutlary, bowl plate mug, can oppener, matches….), Stove, tinder box, clothing (functional layers)

i intend on taking a sketchbook and camera with me wherever i go do document the living space and and the life lived in it.

i had to do some digging in old notes and sketches but i remembered an artist that i have seen and was inspired by in the past. his name is Donald Lawrence.


here is one of his work/living vessals he has created.

this man truely inspires me.


a new sketch that gives you all some idea of my new more polished idea

here is a like to his on line portfolio Donald Lawrence

see all your happy faces in class soon 🙂

ps i can’t wait to share my idea for the ritual project!


Grace Boyd

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One Response to nomadic space- Grace Boyd post #3

  1. I actually really like that you altered your project a bit; it helps to get your idea across more!! 🙂

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