Blank Canvas


Well, ready to begin with paint and other mixed media. I always find this part a little scary and somewhat intimidating. Making art for me is not something you pick up where you left off or rush into, there are good days and bad days. Sometimes I can work and waste an entire day on a piece that ends up in the garbage, there are no easy answers and as you know it’s hard work. I hate the blank canvas and have found that if I just cover it in any color it’s much easier to deal with.

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3 Responses to Blank Canvas

  1. I hope your process of painting and adding other media’s goes well for you. I am wondering if you made your canvas and why you chose to paint vertically.

    Hi Sarah, Thats a really good question, yes I do make my own stretcher frames and stretch my own canvas. I like the look of 1.5″ depth over store bought plus you can make better quality then you can buy. As for the shape, I went against the traditional “landscape” in this case to stay with a more abstractive style. Hope it works.

  2. That is always the hardest and most daunting part of painting for me too; the blank canvas! I completely agree with you that if you just get something on it, it makes things much more easy to deal with. What type of paint will you be using? Good luck!! 🙂

  3. I agree. I found with painting, that first step of covering the canvas with paint is a very critical one, and its a good step to start testing out ideas instead of just painting a solid colour. My paintings would always end up changing at least 7 times and it was interesting to see how the layers underneath interacted with the layers above. Choosing what you allow to be seen and what you cover up, is a good way to explore space on a canvas.

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