Spaces Forgotten… or Rarely Noticed

In the first class when we were given the assignment on the topic of space my mind immediately started whirling out of control, thinking about ideas on how I could represent this idea. I was taking notes and writing down thoughts, but I kept thinking about those spaces that exist which we rarely notice, corners of rooms, the bottom of the stairs, the space behind the microwave. 

A movie I’m very fond of which I’m sure some of you have seen is “The Borrowers”. As a child I would always imagine what it would be like to be four inches tall and how much cooler everything in my house would look like. Imagine a bowl of fruit. Now imagine that fruit being twice as tall as you! This is what I want to create with my project. I want to create a space or an object or two with which the viewer can imagine they are miniature. I want to change our perspective on the way we view space and hopefully give people more of an appreciation of the space around them. What if you were a fly in a house? Think of all the possibilities! You could live anywhere you’d want, with all the food you could eat! Although your life expectancy is quite short, but whatever 😛 

I have a couple ideas for this piece. I am limited on time however. I want to create a space, preferably the corner of the room, where someone could sit down and be around objects that usually get lost in corners or behind appliances, and have them feel super small. Scale is a big factor in this project for me. I could create a “small” space, but with the time I have I feel the quality and reality of the objects would lack. Therefore my other option is to create one object at an even larger scale, I’m talking ten to twelve feet tall. Now my other issue is what to choose. I thought of what someone might lose behind a toaster or in a corner, and I feel a pencil would be a great object to go with. 

Please help me out by giving me ideas on materials or other objects that might work better. I think a pencil would be best suited for this as we are in art school and it would definitely fit in. I will post again later today with links and photos of my inspirations. Let me know what you think, I will go and buy supplies today and update you as soon as possible! 

Thanks for your input,

Cheers, Bart de Bekker

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