Post #2: More about my idea, style, etc.

Hi all,


Just to give a more in-depth idea of my piece, it will be made revolving around my idea, not exactly the song I posted in my previous post. Sorry about the confusion! The song is just there to help give a deeper feeling for the idea I’m going with.

I was asked what style this painting is going to be, and to be honest I have experimented with a variety of styles throughout the years I have painted. If I had to describe my style best, I would say that I’m mostly a modern impressionist, but I have done expressionist work as well. My painting will be done using aspects from these two styles, with the use of colour to help set the emotional tone.

My painting will actually be done on two separate canvases, but creating a whole picture when put together. They will be displayed at eye level around an inch separated from the other side by side.

And it will be done in oil. 🙂 I love the textures you can create with oil paint!


Thanks for everyone’s feedback!!

I will post a couple of photos from previous years so you can see my past paintings.


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4 Responses to Post #2: More about my idea, style, etc.

  1. I am wondering what kinds of colours are you thinking of display in your painting to set the emotional tone. More cooler or warmer tones? Will it be a darker piece or will it be bright, filled with colour like your other paintings in the past. Is there a particular reason as to why your painting with two panels instead of one big canvas? Is the two panels symbolic in a way?

  2. GBoyd says:

    my interest isn’t so much the style your work will be in, i know you can be very diverce in your paintings. im more currious to see what you’ve been looking at for inspirations? this thought came to be because i was in a coffe shop and whitnessed a couple fighting. not like fists and cuffs but their body laguage was toxic and from how the male looked i could tell he didn’t want to be fighting… even if i couldn’t hear them the fight was soo loud to the eyes…

  3. alaynafriesen says:

    What I’m wondering is the size of the canvas. If you want another impact to your work besides colour, size is something to consider. A large overwhelming canvas can have an atmospheric, overwhelming connotation and using a smaller canvas would have more of a suttle presence. Both are good, it just depends on what you want your work to convey. Like Sarah, I’m also wondering why two canvases instead of one?

  4. Hey ladies,

    Thanks for all the questions and feedback! 🙂

    Actually the woman will be presented in cooler tones, and the male in warmer tones. The two people in the painting will be full colour, and the backgrounds will have the opposite persons colour surrounding the other I.e. The woman will have warmer tones surrounding her, and the man will have cooler tones surrounding him. The rest of the paintings will fade into darkness, as I will make the colours darken until the end of each canvas.

    I am choosing two separate canvases so as to represent a clear break and space within their relationship. The woman will be on one canvas, and the man on the other. Each will be facing the other. I am going to display them about an inch apart, side by side looking at each other.

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