The Final Frontier

When hearing the word ‘space’ I immediately think of inside or enclosed spaces. I think of rooms, homes, and human built structures. Often all of these spaces come with human presence and influence. A few years ago I began to take photos of rooms and hallways within my home with different light sources. These images created spaces which were known to be inhabited, but only through the evidence found within the photograph. At the time, I was drawing inspiration from the photographer Gregory Crewdson. Most of his photographs are staged and contain a variety of different lights and highlights. For myself in particular, they created an eerie presence within the photograph. They also made you question what had happened or what would happen and why certain things were there within the space. He used all of his light sources to create emotion. My idea is to photograph different rooms or spaces indoors using little light sources and long exposure times. I would like to create the sense of human presence without the physical presence of a person and I would also like the room to have a presence or emotion of it’s own. I will do this by utilizing light and shadows to essentially create the space. The space can only be defined by what we can see. I may also attempt to utilize some outdoor spaces and attempt to get a similar emotion.  My end product will be digital prints that will be hung on a wall. I’m not certain of their size yet. Some photographers that I found helpful or inspiring are Gregory Crewdson, William Eggleston, and Philip-Lorca Dicorcia. They all utilize light and shadow in their photographs to define and create emotions and ideas.

Here are some examples of my previous work:





Philip-Lorca Dicorcia: Eddie Anderson; 21 Years Old, Houston, Texas; $20 1990 – 92



Gregory Crewdson-untitled work from the series “Beneath the Roses”, 2003-2005



William Eggleston, Untitled, (Store Parking Lot), From Lost and Found, 1965-1974


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4 Responses to The Final Frontier

  1. Jeremiah Valle says:

    What was the size you were going to print these again? Size can be a factor which will relate nicely with the content of the photos. The same goes for presentation, both factors can make your work much more successful and should be considered carefully. I am excited to see the final work based off of your previous work.

  2. I was just going to ask the same thing Jeremiah did! Also, how many prints were you thinking of doing? I really like the first example photo from your previous work; the way the light creates the mood of the space is well done. What sort of mood were you thinking of going with for this project?

    Good luck!


  3. Oh and by the way, I also love Gregory Crewdson’s work with his series “Beneath the Roses”!

  4. meredithstoesz says:

    I was thinking 11×16 or 12×18 prints. I’ll probably go with the larger print. The bigger the better right. I would like to convey the spaces as mysterious or eerie. Lacking in physical human presence but still full of human presence. I also think a type of nostalgia will come from these photos… if nostalgia can be mood?

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