Post #1: My Idea and a bit about me

Art has been an important factor in my life since I can remember. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always found an escape to another place through artwork. That’s one of the things I love so much about it; art isn’t just beautiful, it creates a whole other world for the viewer to sink into.

  I find that when I paint, I slip into a sort of trance. I’m sure we all do when we work with our favourite mediums. I have dabbled into many different mediums, but I primarily work with oil and acrylic paints. A paint brush is no foreign object to me, but more like an extension of my arm. The world gets quiet, and I feel at peace when I paint; that’s why I love this medium so much.

   My favourite type of artwork is one that tells a story and has a deeper meaning behind it. With most of my pieces, I tell stories. These stories are usually life events that have happened to me, that someone has told me about, or have happened to someone I am close to. In this case though in regards to my idea for this project, it has to do with a song. I heard this song before we started this class, and it has always stuck with me. Anyone ever hear “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer? If not, take a listen.    This song is so beautiful and haunting. It talks about a relationship where two people both know it isn’t going anywhere, and the sad realization that it is going to end soon.

   That song came to my head when we were given the topic of “Space”. My project will revolve around the idea of “emotional space” between two people in a dying relationship. It will be about feeling lost and alone; not knowing whether to hold onto something that clearly can’t work, or walk away from it. Either way would be hard for the two people, and either way will break them, just in different ways.

   I am doing a painting to represent my idea. I love that we get to interpret the themes Stephen gives us in our own ways. It really gives room for people to run with their ideas. No two projects will be the same, and we get to throw in our own thoughts and unique style to our pieces. I’m so excited to see all of your pieces, and I can’t wait for mine to be finished and to hear all your feedback! I hope you guys like my idea. Let me know what you think.



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5 Responses to Post #1: My Idea and a bit about me

  1. bartyparty44 says:


    Your idea sounds really well thought out and you clearly have a deep desire for painting. I’m excited to see your finished piece. I hope that when you’re painting this piece you fall into a “trance” and create something extremely emotional. I feel that if you put all of your heart into this piece it will undoubtedly be an amazing work of art. What style of painting are you thinking of creating? If you don’t mind my asking. I’m trying to imagine how you will encapsulate this song into a frame, but I just can’t 😛 so i will trust you to be able to create something wonderful. How big is your piece going to be?

  2. Jeremiah Valle says:

    Interesting idea in capture the emotion in a particular space. Are you planning on doing a painting based on your idea and the narrative based on a past experience you have had? or is it going to be about the song?

  3. Thanks Jeremiah! Actually the song just reminded me of a past experience I have had, and I feel like people could be able to relate with it. We have all had those relationships where we know it needs to end but maybe don’t want it to, or it has ended and we look back with that “what if” kind of mind state. The painting will be on my idea, and a vaguely on a past experience. The song just describes it better!

  4. Awe thanks so much Bart! Painting just sorta is my thing, you know? It’s like I have this need to paint, it isn’t just a want. I will make another post on the style I am using, an idea of my previous pieces, and also the size. 🙂

    Oh and keep in mind that my painting will be about my idea, not exactly the song. I just stuck the song up there for everyone to get a better idea of the feeling I’m going for.

  5. jenm449 says:

    When reading about our project on space I thought about all kinds of different meaning and ideas about space but I never even thought about emotional space. I think that sounds very interesting and challenging. After seeing some of your paintings and hearing that you like to work with different styles I am excited to see your finished product.

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