Nomadic Space- Grace Boyd blog post #1

As a visual and kinesthetic learner I draw my inspirations from the space around me. Not just the objects in space but the space itself, location, climate, emotional atmosphere, and the discovery and navigation of said space. I have to see and touch space to really know it. My personal ties to a space also play a factor in my creative process, i have called and continue to call many spaces “home”. Home is not just a concept of place but a place in (a) space, we make a home, return home, keep home, go home, stay home…the list is endless. Home is where the heart is. In saying that i feel i have left my heart in many a home.

My concept proposal for the “space” project is simply this. I wish to take what I NEED and, for the time being temporarily, simplify my life style. simplify not only my possessions but the space wich I inhabit. My living space will be made simpler. I use the term nomadic to describe this because the definition of a nomad is; any of a people having no permanent home, but moving about constantly, as in search for pasture. A wonderer.  I am going to build a portable, nomadic style home for myself and live simply and ne.

I have a personal desire and urge to pursue a nomadic life. I think this came from my early life, moving and changing my life space.

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8 Responses to Nomadic Space- Grace Boyd blog post #1

  1. ryanginter says:

    Awesome idea, I think it’s important to have a portable creative workplace, as long as it’s not encumbering you. I also find that I get really intense creative bursts after I’ve been nomadic or just busy for a few days.
    I’m reminded of the beatnik era book “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. Will you be keeping a journal of your wanderings?

    • GBoyd says:

      i will be journaling and im going to try and photo and video document as much as possibole. i think my mom has a copy of that book, i’ll do some digging and see if i can find it.

  2. ryanginter says:

    Haha, it’s from a forum called Spaceghetto. (I won’t link it here, it’s not very appropriate..)
    Right now my creative process involve finding the right materials to construct these shapes, the joints are tricky.

  3. I really enjoy your concept, because I agree with what you had stated about what is home. What media form will you use to convey this concept?

  4. I think this is a really interesting idea. Actually creating a physical space for yourself to spend time in is a good way to explore this topic. Where will this yurt be built? How often do you plan on moving its location throughout the nomadic process, and what will be the key aspects which help you decide on location change? As I understand, nomadic moves are often connected to finding necessities and resources. How much will this be a part of your project?

  5. Good comments here.
    This sounds good, Grace. Is there a way to enumerate which things in particular are included in your Yurt? What do you need and what do you not need? How long do you propose to use the yurt, and how does it travel with you? (If it doesn’t move, is it truly nomadic?) Is there a performative aspect to it? Do we get to visit it, or is our experience of it through your documentation?

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