Fond Found Spaces

My biophilia is what motivates the majority of my work as an artist. I highly believe that we live in a interconnected world which all forms of life are apart of. Though we as humans are so caught up in our day to day lives that we have disconnected ourselves from this network.

With the fascination I for life comes my fascination for death and decay. Death is but a part the eternal circle of life. During the past summer I took on the opportunities that I could to invest time studying decay, which included finding animal remains and brining them home to study. Proper respect was practised for the deceased, for with out their passing I would not have the unique experiences I had one on one.

For meeting the requirement topic of space, I will recreating an actual space I visit often from time to time. I find it very intimate when it is you allow in the vast quiet woods around you, the feeling of isolation is present but I never feel alone. I plan on recreating a panoramic view from a fixed location that is along the path I follow all by memory. I will take one last trek out along the path making notes and picking up found materials, that will act as representations of the place and including them in my project.

I am taking on the challenge of transforming printmaking from a two dimensional to a three dimensional format. In doing so I will be able to display depth (a form of space) even greater than what could be represented in a two dimensional space. The panoramic view will be depicted through lino relief and mono printing, and will be displayed in a installation format hung at an average eye level. The found materials from the earth’s floor will be used to ground the suspend piece, so that the negative space between the print and the floor has a better use.

Along with individual personal spaces that each of us have are memories and experiences that place holds a mental connection to that specific place. Usually when I find a person who also has an affiliation for wildlife I cannot help but converse with them personal experiences. To include this aspect I will leave pieces of paper and writing utensil for people if they feel compelled to write a experience or memory they have that was inducted looking upon the imageryImageImageImageImage

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8 Responses to Fond Found Spaces

  1. Interesting concept, Jeremiah. Will you share the location of the spot in the woods that you’ll visit so that others might go there afterward, or would that mess up the spot for you?

    When you say ‘displayed in an installation format’ do you mean hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling in a path?

    Am I reading this correctly to envision a collection of materials from your walk on the floor with prints hanging on two sides of a path?

    How much stuff do you intend to collect? Where will you install this?

    • Jeremiah Valle says:

      I will keep the location strictly confidential due to keeping it sacred. I highly encourage people to find their own place(s), personally these places feel so distant that the rest of the human world does not exist with its constant day to day stresses.

      The piece will be suspended from the ceiling in one of the rooms available in the ARTlab. I will book the room on the day which I present so that I have it to myself, there will be no classes and I can clear it of any chairs of tables so that their presence in the room is not distract from my piece.

      This particular sacred place, which I’m doing my project on, is actually off trail. the materials will echo the shape of the hanging panoramic view directly underneath it. It will consist of dirt, leaves, feathers, etc.

    • Jeremiah Valle says:

      Thanks, the first two were experiments while I was dabbling in relief printing this summer. Unfortunately the school does not have a class for it, my summer goal was to learn relief, relief reduction, and multi plate reduction. It was a very successful four months.

  2. What an intimate and wonderful idea!! I too have a quiet spot I visit often out where my cabin is, where I can go and really appreciate the world around me. I like that you are going to take us into that personal place of yours. Where were you going to place the objects that you found from your spot on your project again? Will this be an exact replica or an abstracted one?

    I’m so excited to see more!

  3. Jeremiah Valle says:

    I’m glad you understand where I am coming from Alyssa and understand the unique intimate feeling. I will be arranging the materials directly undernèath the suspended panoramic image, echoing its shape.

  4. liciadia says:

    Jeremiah looks interesting! I look forward to stalking this blog

  5. bartyparty44 says:

    Excellent prints Jeremiah, I am looking forward to being immersed into this space you are going to create. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to create something that will induce an emotional connection to each of the viewers past memories of places they’ve seen in their travels. Even from reading your explanation I began thinking to my childhood and going for walks in the woods with my family, definitely a piece with potential for a strong impact on others. My one question is a formal one. How big do you think this will be and where in the room are you thinking of placing it?

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