Test Post By Steve for Including Photos

Here’s some stuff I’ve been doing in my studio…



The original is modelled in Sketchup and ‘Printed’ on a Dimension 1200 Rapid Prototyping machine in ABS plastic. I take a mould of that and cast it in porcelain. There’s a mould for the teapot body, a mould for the lid, and one for the spout. The handle is made by hand. I have about 8 different moulds that make bottles, tumblers, and bowls. 

Here’s the plaster mould pieces for the teapot body.Image

More soon!




About stephengrimmer

Potter and professor of ceramics at University of Manitoba. BS Mathematics, University of Iowa, BFA Ceramics, Kansas City Art Institute, MFA Ceramics, University of Massachussetts/Dartmouth.
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4 Responses to Test Post By Steve for Including Photos

  1. ryanginter says:

    Very cool, I love the horizontal texture on the teapot. What kind of glazes are you working with for these?
    Also, could you check to make sure I’m an author on the blog? I can’t figure out how to make an original post, not sure if I have permissions or not…

  2. Thanks Ryan, I’m glad you like them. They will all be wood-fired with celadon glaze. I’ll pst a finished example soon.
    I resent the invite to your myumanitoba address. I bet your existing profile isn’t listed as an author here.

  3. brennalinton says:

    will be interesting to see how the wood ash reacts to those corners!

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