Installation photo. (For Steve)

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The Fear Within

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Grace Boyd post #9

i know it’s a little late for this but i would like to say a biiiig thank you for the amazing crit last week! taking what you all said i have already begun exploring this piece further. some of you showed some interest in how i made my piece, here are some progress shots.


here i have a picture of the un felted wool,a picture of the roll of wool fiber and the agitator, and a picture of the semi covered skeleton.

i have been catching up on everyones blog posts and i look forward to seeing you all tomorrow in class!

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Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

One of the candid shots I captured while spending the day with my friend and her son. I stayed with them from morning until evening, documenting their life with my camera, but it’s shots like these that show the love shared between a child and his mother. It was a sweet moment!

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Project Three

My final project for this course will be a diptych of paintings that will explore the relationship between the self and the idea of ‘home’. I believe that there is a place where the self feels free and uncompromised, and that that place can be found in the environment. I am offering myself as subject by overlapping the image of self on to the landscape where I feel whole and the inverse of the landscape overlapping the image of self.
I have chosen the size of the paintings to be no larger than 2’, this is a nod to the timeline I must work within but also because I do not want this to be an imposing piece. This will be presented side by side as opposed my first project that were presented opposed to create tension. I want to lead the viewer to understand that where the portrait is painted over the landscape it is because the landscape will always be carried by the soul and when in the landscape the portrait has faded away because the individuality that we honor so greatly is secondary to having a place in the world.

My method will be difficult because I am planning on sewing into the canvas to create a line drawing that will create the base of the paintings. Another challenge will be the order of steps that I must take. I cannot build my canvas and then sew the images. I must prep the canvas and then stretch the already started canvas onto the wooden frame, I do not know what the end result may be. It may work, it may not.  


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Project 3

Censoring is rasing

For this project I wanted to explore the topic of censorship. A censor is a person who guides others based on their own principles.

I realize it is a human who makes the decision to censor things from other humans. I wondered, who are these humans and why do they get to decide what we should not see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Censorship affects all of us but I wanted this project to focus on my personal experience with censorship. I wondered, when did censorship start affecting my life? Since I learned to communicate, my parents have told me what I can and cannot do. Thus the beginning of censorship in my life. My parents decided what I was going to be exposed to. I was raised by censorship based on their beliefs, values, interest and culture.

This project will incorporate images of myself as an adult and the censorship that was part of raising me. The project will be a printed project. I plan on including a written memory of a time in my life that I was censored. The text will be read through a cut out hand figure. The hand will represent the human or in my case parents who decided what was censored. The text will be hand written to help me express the personal aspect it has.


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Movie Poster (RE) Design #2

From the previous Mondays class i was able to figure out where i wanted to take this project. My group along with Stephen helped me to realize that my idea lacked a certain personal quality, i wanted to simply redesign existing movie posters in a “Saul Bass” minimalist style. My idea has grown into the designing of three minimalist posters where the “movie” is made up. I have created the title and the design of each poster. Each movie has a different theme but each pertaining to an aspect of my life, in particular my mental self. The themes are my fears, anxieties, and obsessions. One poster deals with my inability to say whats on my mind. I have a great idea or thought in my head but i fear the possible negative response from whoever i tell it to, so i keep to myself. I am a passive communicator. I chose the title “Disconnect” for this movie. I feel this is a successful title as it describes how my mind and voice become disconnected due to this anxiety.


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